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For those of you who haven't visited us yet or just can't remember how you got here, here's the info you need:

For our Pilot Friends

The Flying M Ranch has a private airstrip. The 2,600 foot runway is designated Rwy 4 and 22 at an elevation of 670 feet. It is 27.7 nm on 289 degree radial from RMG VOR. Detailed airport information including latitude and longitude can be found at The Flying M Ranch airport code is AL32. Fuel is available nearby at Ft. Payne, Gadsden, La Fayette and Rome airports.

The Flying M Ranch airport is located at the base of the Shinbone Ridge of Lookout Mountain, and terrain features West of the airport may produce variable wind patterns. A windsock is provided on the Northwest side of the runway.

We are using Left pattern traffic but be cautious of the rising terrain just West of the field. Also, be mindful of the VR Military training route that passes nearby.

We ask that all new fly-ins call ahead for permission and conditions. One more precautionary notice to be considered is the Wildlife Management area just North by Northwest of Flying M Ranch. The WMA is designated on the Atlanta Sectional as is the Flying M airport.

Please observe good "Airmen" etiquette when flying in the area.

For the Earthbound

12455 Hwy. 273
Cedar Bluff, AL 35959

For detailed directions, email us.